JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 193 :: coding all women

18 Jul


New book! I started reading a new book this weekend. One I’m starting to wish I would have had twenty years ago. It’s the type of thing that could have come with our “plumbing class” in sixth grade.

Woman Code. 

It’s all hormonal.

And it’s making me think that is a bliss thing. If hormones drive how we feel, and if how we feel is the most important aspect of getting to a state of bliss… well… then… it makes perfect sense to me.

According to the book, the good news is that food makes all the difference. Not just food, but when to eat food. Literally every day, every meal. So now I’m monitoring my food intake, my hormonal responses and ultimately my blissdom.

And I hope it’s more than nutrition, more like Bliss-trition.

More tomorrow.

  {how do you feel?}

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