JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 200 :: expectations and the bliss gap

25 Jul
I’ve come to a realization. I have expectations. 

I know. Not a huge revelation, but one that, while it can be a great benefit for certain aspects of life, can be a total bliss buster.

Expectations come in so many forms. Some are too high. Some are too low. Some are bouncing everywhere in between. But they are there. Implanted, imbedded, intact inside of me. Expectations of what/how/when everything in life/years/weeks/days should go/be/do. It’s exhausting just thinking about expectations. 

Sometimes I don’t know what to expect until expectations creep up on me in the form of disappointment. (Thus the complaining and the struggle through a no complaint challenge).

But expectations can be so good too. They can push, drive, and propel me forward.

The real challenge may not be complaining… it might just be finding a balanced bliss somewhere in between all of this.

Maybe it’s accepting the difference between where my expectations lie and where my feet stand? It is something I am beginning to call The Bliss Gap.

Take this flower for instance.
Today we watched it unfurl, unfold, open up and then curl back up and die. It had no expectation. It just did what it was supposed to.

It wasn’t worried about whether it was ahead of schedule, blooming faster than all the other flowers. It wasn’t comparing it’s pink color to the orange next to it. It wasn’t trying to get taller and fatter and slimmer and pinker all at the same time. It wasn’t doing anything other than being a flower in bloom.

Fascinating really.
Be like the flower my mind says.
Give up expectations.
Unfold. Unfurl. Bloom. Be.

More tomorrow.

  {blooming bliss?}

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