JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 202 :: three good things

27 Jul
I end every night with 3 Good Things.

Not every night do I actually follow through and define three exact things, but every night I have a reminder that pops up on my phone. I’ve shared it here before, and tonight it just popped up on my computer and my phone in unison.

Like a resounding reminder to pay attention to Three Good Things.

It’s a Bliss Tool really. One that brings more gratitude. Even if I don’t actually write out three things, they do pop into my head. (I dare you to try it!)

So here is tonight’s Top Three:

1. Happy Birthday Jaynane. 
Today is the birthday of my adopted mother. Really, now she is my mother-in-law but first she was boyfriend’s mom, then my Mama Sling’s best friend, and then my friend and then my nurse. She has been my shopping buddy and my confidante through thick and thin. And so much more. I am so grateful for her love and care in the absence of my own mother. She’s the next best thing… if not better because she’s always been here for me. Happy Birthday Jaynane, may you have many, many more!

2. Mama Sling’s Birthday 
Is tomorrow!!!! I can only imagine the giggles and laughter and BLISS we would have celebrating her birthday if she were here. Alas, she must be somewhere cosmically hugging someone. That was her signature move. If nothing else, she taught me how to hug. So go hug someone in her memory for me. It does a body and a heart good.

Happy Birthday Mama Sling! 


3. You! 
For reading this today. Thank you for being here following this bliss-ful journey. Who knows what’s next? But I’m excited to find out.

What are your three things?

More tomorrow.
  {3 good things?}

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