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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 220 :: feel good friday

14 Aug
It’s Feel Good Friday! So it seems important to talk about bliss.

I actually ran across this article today. And it made me think more about the power of bliss, or rather, what power we have over bliss.

The article is not all sunshine and roses as it reviews a book by James Hollis on What Matters Most. But it does point out something that I recall writing about a few weeks ago. That which expands you.

Or, as James Hollis questions…
“Does this path, this choice, make me larger or smaller?”

It seems to make so much sense to me, it’s well, DUH… obvious. If what makes you larger brings you bliss then isn’t that the best cure for what holds you back?

It’s worth a ponder.
What makes you larger?

Happy Friday.

More tomorrow.
  {big or small?}
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