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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 228 :: jumping ahead

22 Aug

Someone asked me this week about my promise and adventures in blogging this year. And, of course, what bliss means to me (so far).

And here’s what I’m learning… Every choice matters. Every choice we make either makes us bigger or smaller. Expands or contracts. Grows or slows.

But this weekend I was reminded of the importance of time and taking it one step (or choice) at a time. From the wisdom of our little niece. It happened over dinner. While all the adults were talking about plans for her future and her high school and college years ahead. With the sweetest, largest eyes I have ever seen she exclaimed. “I’m worried third grade’s going to be hard enough!” She laughed. We did too. But the message was not lost.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the future we forget to live in the present. This moment. This day, this hour, this perfect now.

And bliss comes one step at a time.

More tomorrow.

  {jumping ahead?}
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