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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 231 :: a bugs life

25 Aug

This bliss thing. Very interesting.

I’m learning a good lesson in this year of bliss. For one, the importance of waiting. Moving through trials, keeping an open mind and an open heart, and then waiting for the good to come through at the end of the story.

In real life that means this… what do you do when your car catches on fire while driving on the highway? Yeah. That kind of waiting where the engine goes kaplooey. Well, that waiting is over and here’s the end of that story.

A bug.

We didn’t mean to get a beetle. In fact, I don’t really like bugs of the creepy crawly sort. But this one is pure slug bug love. So we brought her home. She’s used and was a great find in the unexpected aftermath of said car blowing up escapade.

We didn’t mean to get a bug. She kind of found us. We went to test drive a Jeep. One that I have always wanted to own. But it just didn’t feel right and while it’s taken half a lifetime I’m finally learning to trust my gut. So we passed on the Jeep and then saw this cute, little, blue bug.

As soon as I sat inside the car I felt happy. When I turned the key in the ignition I felt a surge of excitement. The interior was more roomy than I could have imagined. The ride was smoother than I could believe. And driving her just made me smile.

So now we have a bug. Not expected. Not really practical.
But pure Bliss.

And maybe that’s the lesson and the end of the story all in one place?

More tomorrow.

  {what’s your gut say?}
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