JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 236 :: a new day

30 Aug
Tonight someone said something profound to me…. it went something like…

“What if every day we woke up and had no past?”

It made me stop and think. What would it be like if every single day was completely, absolutely, incredibly NEW. No past. No history. Nothing.

My mind started to ponder. Would we make the same mistakes over and over? Or would we zoom forward with nothing to hold us back. Would we lose touch with who we were? Or would we become more of who we are?

It has me thinking…how much does the past determine today? 
And how much does that give us or hold back on our bliss?

Maybe that’s why I love the sunrise so much.
A new moment.
A new day. A new chance.

Here’s to your new week and a new Monday.

More tomorrow.

  {have a past-time?}

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