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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 242 :: oh, curiosity

5 Sep


I’m a sucker for marketing. I love to create it, follow it, and watch it in action. So it’s no surprise that I bought right into this free month trial of Curiosity Stream.

I have to admit… the ads got me curious. And so far the programming has delivered… I’ve watched three documentaries and am now following the history of aviation. 

Beyond barely recognizing a time when we humans couldn’t board a plane and zoom through the air, I love watching the old footage and learning with a different brain. Not the one I had in school where I was bound by fear of what I had to memorize for a test.

This brain, the one comprised of middle aged curiosity, feels more like learning is like crack. A thrill. Of the chosen kind.

Which has me wondering, in this year of bliss, maybe choice makes all the difference?

More tomorrow.

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