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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 244 :: happiness at work

7 Sep

Happiness At Work. It’s a topic that my Curiosity Stream dealt me tonight. So I bit. Since this is the year of Bliss, it seemed like a relevant topic.

The video basically explores the topic of how to make money and have fun, and how some companies around the world are tackling the balance.

But can money buy you happiness — or bliss?  

It’s a great question. Age-old question. Maybe even larger-than-life question. Based on the interviews in this documentary the word on the subject came down to factors that go beyond salary, like…

  • Sense of purpose
  • Respect
  • Doing something bigger than themselves and doing it with other people
But the biggest one was that trusty old T world: TRUST. Which seems to make sense to me.

And that has me thinking….In work and life, in happiness we trust. 

More tomorrow.

  {what makes you happy at work?}
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