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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 247 :: every. single. day.

10 Sep

It’s funny, this blogging thing. It works.

I truly believe that it works because I show up everyday. Even when I’m tired (like tonight) or busy, or traveling, or surgery, or doctor’s appointments, or happy, or distracted, or lost for words. I just keep showing up.

There’s magic in showing up.

Because every single day is an opportunity to improve. To get better. To do more. To give it what you’ve got. Whatever that is. And I think that works because from all that “showing up” comes what you ask for.

And this year I am asking for Bliss. Part of me is learning that Bliss is a mindset. All attitude. Perspective. Being in control of your thoughts even when outside circumstances call for something other than patience, peace and grace.

And part of me is learning that Bliss is in the doing as well. Taking action towards what you want.

Which is why, tonight, I was inspired by this.
Every. Single. Day.

Not because it’s Tom Brady. (Although, we do love the Pats!)
And not because it’s just a marketing message (although I love marketing messages).
And not because it’s more than a call to action to buy clothing (the 199 on Brady’s shirt symbolizes his draft number in the 2000 NFL draft).

It’s because it’s a reminder of something that I know to be true.
Every. Single. Day.
Ads Up.
Every. Single. Day. Matters. 

Whether you are a world class pianist, athlete, president, doctor, painter, dancer, dreamer ….
…or just a girl who blogs every single day to get closer to her promises, goals and dreams..

However you train..
Whatever you do….
It Matters.
Every. Single. Day.

More tomorrow.
 {every. single. day.}
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