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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 252 :: back to school bliss

15 Sep

I loved back to school time. The new books, markers, paper, binders. SUPPLIES! I loved the back to school shopping. New clothes, shoes, dresses, jackets. Must have items of the fall. It was like a New Year all wrapped into the a countdown to the best holidays too.

So today I smiled when I read this from my alma mater:


Smith College
If you could go back to Smith this fall, what would you do?
Is there a course you would take? House you would live in? Place you would visit?


Oh la la! I’m glad you asked…..
Beyond the school shopping and supplies (that’s a given) I would….

  • Take my scores less seriously
  • Learn for the sake of learning
  • Spend more time reading outside
  • Finally take art history (which I skipped) to earn the final credit for an Art Minor

If you could back to college this fall, what would you do?

More tomorrow.
 {ready for fall?}
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