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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 253 :: customer service bliss

16 Sep

I hate to be poked, picked, prodded. I desperately dread going in for my routine blood draws. But I must. All too often. That’s the fun of being a thyroid-less, spleen-less, breast-less survivor. I get poked. A lot.

So I am surprised to report this:
At a full fledged, poke-you-in-the-arm-with-a-needle laboratory.

Usually in these experiences I am “fine” in the look away, make a fist while I cinch this stretchy piece of rubber around your arm till you can feel your heart beat in your armpit sort of way.

Somewhere between the “I’m not watching you poke a sharp metal object into the most sensitive spot of my arm” …and the “I’m pretending to read something that’s non existent on the opposite wall to avoid what I know you are about to do with that deathly sharp object” …. I panic.

Sometimes it happens during the “trying to count tiles on the floor” part or the “making small talk and telling you WAY too much about myself” part.  Usually I find myself trying anything to avoid watching the tip of a metal needle poke directly into my bloodstream and then chug out vats of deep crimson life-force liquid while secretly wondering why the person on the other end of the needle would ever want to do this for their job.

But not this time. This time, I had the MOST amazing experience getting my arm poked and blood drawn. And it came down to the people. They were the nicest, warmest, smiliest, gentlest vampires I have ever had lay hands on my blood.

They were so great I filled out a customer service report card at the hospital. They were so great I left with a smile, practically floating out of the laboratory. They were SO amazing I actually had to stop and wonder….

…If people who literally tie you down to a chair, poke you with a needle and take your blood can deliver such an amazing customer experience that leaves you with a smile on your face… why can’t EVERYONE else?

Indeed. It’s a standard to uphold.
And a feat to behold.
Customer Bliss, really.

More tomorrow.
 {been poked lately?}
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