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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 254 :: adversity bliss

17 Sep


I was moved today by a FB post from Kelly Corrigan. It was shared by a friend, and thousands of others have liked it over the past week since it was posted.

And it made me think about Adversity. And how it can almost be blissful in so many ways.

Because it’s amazing what we learn when things go wrong. If we focus on the learning part instead of the complaints. Change and transformation truly only happen if we can find the gift inside the sour grapes.

I appreciate Kelly’s words, all of them. But I think my favorite line was this one below, as it sums up what we are able to learn if we keep an open mind and an open heart, and if we don’t turn on each other or ourselves in the process…

“and so it is that we remember that there is no time for nonsense and we must get busy with loving each other better. Now.”

Because we all have adversity in various different forms.
But only love can turn it around.

More tomorrow.

{are you leading with love?}
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