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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 264 :: hgtv bliss

26 Sep
I’m sitting here watching HGTV with my cousin, Amy.

And watching HGTV is a perfectly fun outlet for me. Almost blissful really. It’s like playing house vicariously through other people. Which reminds me of playing with my Barbies as a little girl. Something Amy and I would do together all the time.

As little girls, we even packed all our Barbie clothes for a big family vacation in one suitcase, and our clothes in another suitcase. It was a solid plan, to save room and to be able to take all the Barbie accessories we would need on the road. It was a great plan, until we forgot one of the suitcases. The one with our clothing in it.

We had to borrow clothing from family and friends, everyone pitched in so we could have a change of clothing on the trip. The hardest part was finding a bathing suit (especially for my height and long legs) which we both ended up borrowing from others. I know, “gross” is exactly what I”m thinking now too… but back then it was incredibly important to go to the Hydrotube with all the other kids and we would have done anything to tag along.

Including wearing my first two-piece suit. Borrowed from another cousin’s friend. I thought it was pretty fashionable in a cool, older girl sort of way. My father on the other hand thought he was going to have a heart attack at the thought of me walking around a public pool in a bikini years more mature than my pre-teen age.

And that, tonight, along with Amy’s laughter over the memory of it all, brings me more bliss that you can imagine. Family memories. Our childhood packing faux pas. Especially on the eve that head home to be with my father for his surgery.

And that reminds me…
Family is bliss…. in memories, in laughter, in togetherness and in so many more important ways.

More tomorrow.
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