JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 290 :: present perfect bliss

21 Oct
Today’s Bliss….. a movie trailer.

This almost made me cry: they put a nursery in a nursing home. 

It’s a trailer for a film called Present Perfect. I haven’t seen the film but the trailer was enough to make me stop and think …. about age and aging and how that intersects with bliss.

Is it blissful to age?

On some days I think it’s amazingly blissful this getting older thing. But other days leave me feeling, well, aged.

So today, seeing this trailer, reminded me of something so powerful, so wonderful, I know it to be true. The present. I first read it in a book after I was diagnosed with a teenage case of cancer. But the secret has always been clear. The precious present. The gift of today.

As the movie trailer says, “The time to choose happiness is now.” And what better way to be reminded of bliss, than through this …the eyes of the elderly watching their final days through the eyes of babes.

More tomorrow.

{choosing happy now?}

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