JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 291 :: blissful starry night

22 Oct
Today’s Bliss….. a shooting star.

Actually, it was officially last night, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the starry, starry night and shiny, shiny stars.

Tonight the moon is out. But last night, the shooting stars were dancing. Almost magical like pixie dust in the air.

Last night, around midnight, as we were traveling through Halley’s Comet we walked outside to see the show light up the sky.

I always find it hard to focus on one area of the sky and WAIT to see a light streak across the black night. I want to look all around, eyes darting, fearful I will miss one of the bright shooting stars. But last night I saw one.

I saw one shooting star but that wasn’t what mesmerized my eyes. There was a portion of the sky lit up, dancing, as if a whole bunch of stars were having a party. I imagine it was part of Halley’s Comet getting ready to explode, having the last hurrah before burning up.

Or maybe I was just seeing things.  
Who knows? I only saw what I saw. And I think that’s the magic of the cosmos.
Blissful, starry night.

More tomorrow.

{starry night?}

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