JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 294 :: blissfully back

25 Oct

Today’s bliss…. my computer is up and running. It’s baaaaaack!
And boy does that make my life more blissful.

It was so incredibly stressful not having access to my computer over the weekend, I don’t even want to  imagine life without it during the work week. And just like that, I am completely held hostage by a small square piece of metal that glows in the dark.

How did that happen?
Is it the downside of the technological revolution?

Which reminds me of this from photographer Eric Pickersgill:  Justin sent the link to me a few days ago — it’s a photo series of our world with nothing in the hand that holds our technology.

A photographer edits out our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world

It’s art, probably because it’s commentary. And it’s true.
And all I have to say back is this. Technology is bliss.
When it works.

More tomorrow.

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