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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 326 :: bliss bust

26 Nov

Today’s bliss…trying.

So, the pie….

Turns out it was not all the that. The crust was sort of dry, and the wheat flour that we had at ten o’clock last night was not quite “right”. (That’s another flour story for another day that has to do with Safeway and no electricity… but anyhoooo, back to the pie).

While the insides tasted sweet, they were just too candy-pecaned much for most human tongues, unless you’re three-years old and will eat anything, including straight sugar out of the box. I almost ate one whole pie piece because, well, I think that’s my punishment for making it in the first place…

But that’s only because we were able to cut through the crusted-over top shelf that formed during the baking process, requiring a heavy kitchen knife to slice through the surface. A laser beam would have been more efficient. 

And while on the surface it seems like a bust, it’s really a bliss. Because last night during our evening escapade to make this pie appear and then today during the final process of tasting pie to tongue, I couldn’t help but think fondly of my mother. 

St. Mama Sling.

She would have been tickled to death at the thought that I was in the kitchen. Her daughter, the one who vowed to NEVER, EVER learn how to cook, made a pie. For Thanksgiving. She would have laughed and teased and reminded me over and over that I should have paid attention while she had been trying to teach me how to cook and bake and prepare a holiday meal. But I didn’t. 

So the pie was pretty awful. Hard on the outside. Too sweet on the inside. Hard to cut through. Difficult to swallow. But totally worth it. Because I tried.

And Mama Sling would be so proud. 

And that reminds me…It’s kind of similar to the best parts of life. Whether it be a holiday or regular day. Even if it’s pretty awful. Hard on the outside. Too sweet on the inside. Hard to cut through. Difficult to swallow. But totally worth it.

Just trying is all that matters.
And for that I am grateful.

More tomorrow.
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