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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 332 :: blissful bumping into

2 Dec

Today’s bliss…a small world.

Chicago has many restaurants – something I love about the Windy City. And tonight, while dining and celebrating and teaming it up here in Chicago at Sunda a woman caught my eye.

An excited little voice inside my head  said…. “I know her!” But then another voice said, “don’t be silly, it’s a big city, it’s probably not her.”

So I picked up my (new) phone and found her on Facebook, thinking, maybe, just maybe, if it was her and she had posted a photo of her food, or her friends or the restaurant it would be confirmation that it was indeed HER.

There was nothing on her Facebook page. So I did what we all do. I starred. I starred across the room. I bumped Char, who was sitting next to me and said, “I think I know that woman,” then I showed Char the woman’s Facebook profile photo and said, “Do you think that’s the same woman?”

Just then, ANOTHER woman from said mystery woman’s table got up and started walking our way. She was headed to the bathroom so I got up and headed her off at the pass. “Excuse me!” I said, waving this stranger down. I’m not sure why I thought it would be more effective to ask a stranger if the woman sitting at her table was my friend but in the moment it seemed like the only logical thing to do.

“Hi, can I ask you a really crazy question?” I stood blocking the hallway and aisle that would lead her to the bathroom. “Is there a woman at your table named Dana?”

The stranger smiled at me like we were long lost friends. “Yes, she is, and she knows you. She pointed you out earlier but didn’t think it could be you. You should go say hello.”

And, I’m so happy I did. Because it was Dana!!!

What a beautiful blissful moment.
And….How. Small. Is. This. World? 

More tomorrow. 

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