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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 336 :: blissful party

6 Dec

Today’s bliss…a birthday party.

We spent the afternoon with our newly minted nine-year old niece. Nine. Years. Old. Nine!

She is one of the reasons why we moved north. To be close enough for soccer games and birthday parties. In a few short months we have accomplished both.

And the best part is that we are cherishing every moment. Because while you count everything from half birthdays to school years and summer days when you are nine, the reality is that time flies when you’re an aunt and uncle.

We know we have a short window of time to be present for all the amazingly blissful moments of being nine. Because then comes ten. And I know it’s just right around the corner.

Sometimes the best present of a birthday is Staying Present.
Carpe diem dear nine.  

More tomorrow. 
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