JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 342 :: blissful 80’s

12 Dec

Today’s bliss…bonsai!! 

We watched The Karate Kid tonight. With a new Star Wars movie coming out next week and Christmas soon after we are in pure childhood memorabilia mode over here.

And The Karate Kid didn’t disappoint.

It wisked me back to a time of California Cool, beach-side fire pits and high school dances. Where the bad guys were defeated with Yoda-like mind control and few well timed karate kicks. A time that seems so much closer to the 1950’s (not that I would know) than today.

But then again, maybe that’s just a blissful memory. It’s so much easier to understand the past than to predict the future.

Bonsai Bliss.

More tomorrow. 
{wax on?}

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