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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 343 :: the game of bliss

13 Dec

Today’s bliss…flying. 

As in time.
Time flies when you’re having fun. Something I am learning as I pay more attention to bliss. Time flies when you are in bliss too.

So today, I thought it ironic while playing the game of LIFE with my little nieces.

The game of course is really an APP. All electronic, fast-paced digital eye candy. There were no cards to draw or little people to place inside cars. It was a LIFE adventure that played out before your eyes on a screen.

How time flies. And how I could almost smell the mildew on my own board game of LIFE that I played as a child — (mostly because we left it out in the rain or some sort of soggy place). And how the world turns. 

And so did this digital game of LIFE. Weddings. Babies. School. Homes. Jobs. Losing Jobs. Taxes owed. Wedding Gifts. Twins! Baby gifts. New Career. Twins again! And then before you know it, Retirement. 

That’s how you “win” the game of LIFE. Retirement.

And it left a sour taste in my mouth. Just the word alone makes me cringe. As if you are supposed get all TIRED out. Or roll over and play dead until you actually do expire. Well, maybe we all do have an expiration date stamped somewhere on our foreheads. Invisible it is, which is maybe the best part of LIFE. The not knowing when our expiration date will arrive. 

Which brings me to this. It’s the one year anniversary of my Aunt Denita’s exit date, or expiration, or whatever we call the passing on into the ether and divine. As I sit here tonight thinking about the game of LIFE all I can think is that Time Flies.

Even more reason to enjoy taking a spin, on the risky track or the safe track, or whatever track floats your boat (that you mortgage) but keep spinning I say. Don’t tire out before the expiration date arrives. because really, if there is anything I have learned in this Year of Bliss it is this: 

Life is a game.
We call the shots.
So why not choose bliss?

More tomorrow. 

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