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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 361 :: looking ahead at stretch goals

28 Dec

Today’s bliss…a glimpse of the future.

Tonight I stretched. It wasn’t just a few yoga moves here and there, but a real stretch goal for the coming year. 

I usually wait until New Years Day to announce my next promise. But this time, I’m getting a head start. Partly to rev myself up and also to (selfishly) invite you to join me! It’s always more fun when there’s more than one.

So that said. Here’s the promise:
To do yoga every single day for 365 days.

What? Yes. Yoga. Every. Single. Day.
It’s not a crazy promise. It’s not out of line, out of question, out of the realm of reality. But I am out of shape. And it’s time that this body that has survived (beautifully I might add) many surgeries takes on a STRETCH goal.

You see, things are getting tight in the muscular department and a little too soft in some other departments. So it’s time to TAKE ACTION.

Because I believe in writing down goals and I believe in taking action every single day on what is most important I am making this promise. Sometimes the TO DO list is way too long to get anything TA DONE. But I know if I focus on what is most important, it happens, one way or another.

So for 2016, I am focused on loving more and doing more… starting with my physical shape. But I know it will lead to a much bigger, deeper, impactful promise — because it always does. 

So…. who wants to join me??!!!

More tomorrow.

{take action}
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