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JAMIE’S BLOG – YOGA DAY 2 :: down dog

2 Jan

Day 2. Today’s yoga adventure let me down.

As in Down Dog. And it was a total score! I can already feel the burn in my legs and I already love this app.

It comes with music which I appreciate. Partly because it makes the routine go faster. Instead of watching the clock I listen to the music.

I also love the fact that it changes up the routine with every play, because, well, I might have YADD – Yoga Attention Deficit Disorder. You know, that burning sensation in the middle of a pose where you look up to determine how much more time you have  left?

Not that I don’t love yoga, I do. It’s just that my body is so out of shape that even the smallest moves feel like large feats these days. Downward ouch. Upward whoa.

And I suppose that’s the lesson I’m already learning. It’s so easy to get out of shape. It merely takes a nanosecond on the couch to undo a marathon training.

So year is not just about yoga. It’s about taking action – and that takes daily routine.

Day two. Check. Done. Huzzah!
Tomorrow… Day 3…here’s looking at you.

More tomorrow.

{two down}

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