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JAMIE’S BLOG – YOGA DAY 3 :: yoga marathon & sprints

3 Jan

Day 3. I’m sore.

I should have expected this. Sore legs. Sore calves. And I’ve barely even started this year of yoga (366 days for those who are counting).

What have I learned so far? Making a promise to go from Couch Potato to Yogi is a marathon not a sprint. So what’s important to highlight right now? Taking it slow.

And so it was perfect timing that today a friend sent this article my way: 

Reading the article reassured me that I already have everything I need to start this journey:

  • Mat. Check!
  • Heater. Check!
  • Stretchy Yoga Pants That I Will Probably Never Get Out Of. Check!

I have this terrible habit of expecting to jump back in exactly where I left off. I’ve done it with golf (why can’t I remember how to putt?). I’ve done it with running (why can’t I finish a 5k in under 30 minutes?). I’ve done it with math, cooking, card games, naming all 50 state capitals….you get the point.

And now I’m doing it with yoga. Why am I so sore after a few (not very strenuous) yoga moves? And so it goes.

I know muscle memory will return quickly and I’m trying to remember that patience is the most important part of that point. 

More tomorrow. 

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