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JAMIE’S BLOG – YOGA DAY 6 :: let go of the trash, let the magic unfold

6 Jan

Day 6. Progress. Not perfection.

Tonight I tried Yogaglo (thanks to a tip from my friend Stacy!). And I have to say the note on their site that says:

It’s all about progress, not perfection….

…Really hit home.
Because I think that’s what this year might be about. Progress. Small, bite-sized, everyday progress.

Tonight I stretched my mind a bit in the evening yoga routine. I tried something new. It was very gentle. A routine under New Year, New Perspectives (well said Yogaglo!) and a Ayuveda practice called Ring out the Old, Invite in the New (bring it on 2016).

The practice had me twisted “literally” – mostly to squeeze out the “trash” and compost the things that no longer “serve” me.

It’s kind of like my computer. Last night I emptied all the old data on it, literally blew it up. Today, it’s working faster than ever before. No crashing. No stalling. No stopping. No big ball of rainbow furry rolling on my screen screaming and threatening to shut it all down.

The trash is gone. The data that I no longer need (old emails, old attachments) deleted. And what is left, pure free space. And more ease. And faster performance.

This has me thinking… and wondering about trash and letting go and IF that were to happen what kinds of magic could unfold.

So to 2016 I say: let the magic unfold.

Let the magic unfold.
Let the magic unfold.
Let the magic unfold!  

More tomorrow. 

{what magic do you want to unfold?}

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