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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 16 :: yoga and football

16 Jan

Day 16. Milestone moments.

Yesterday I spoke about my “aha moment” realizing I thought yoga was a sport. And today I watched one play out before me. What a game.

I missed the Pats game while on a plane (which was fine with me, I was a bit too nervous to watch live and I was off to see my bestie!!!) but we caught the Green Bay game once I touched down — and wow. That was worth staying up for. Amazing what a few seconds can do. Incredible what the toss of a coin can lead to…

…and I have to admit, it’s still hard for me to watch grown men almost cry after a loss. Even when it’s just a game. Maybe it stirs something inside of all of us – that feeling of almost victory, of so close you can taste it, of wanting it so bad.

And so, tonight’s yoga was a short one after all those games but a milestone moment for me. Team of one. I led myself through my own yoga routine. First. Time. Ever.

Seems small in some ways. Galactic in others. Because sometimes it’s more difficult to lead yourself than it is to follow someone else.

Leading, I try.
Learning, I am.
Go team.

More tomorrow.

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