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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 25 :: this gift

25 Jan

Day 25. This gift. 

It’s almost an hour until my birthday begins. So this gift is on me, to you, if you like free yoga that is. 


Okay, maybe that’s not the biggest gift ever given… but I am starting to think that this year of yoga could be the best gift I ever gave to myself. Of course the jury is out for about another 340 days.

I have to admit, tonight, I didn’t feel like any sort of downward dog. And that’s the power of a promise. It’s a nudge, a kick in the pants, a reminder of what I said I would do, every single day. So I did my yoga. And I felt better once it was done. 

And that brings me to this: my Mama Sling. I realized in the middle of my downward, upward, sun salutations that what I really wanted was a hug from my mom. On the eve of my birthday my thoughts center on her – what was she thinking, doing, dreaming, hoping, bracing herself for in these moments before I came into the world just after the clock struck midnight. (I did break her tailbone, so maybe it’s best that we not relive that particular moment in time.)

As long as she’s been gone I still long for these moments with her, how she would retell the story of my birth (all ten, wrinkled, roly-poly pounds of me). And yet, the older I get, the more I find my birthday story is really her story. After that day, the rest of my days are my own promises to keep.

So tonight I bought myself an early birthday gift. A new pen.
To write the rest of my story. 

More tomorrow. 


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