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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 27 :: hip, hip hooray

27 Jan

Day 27. Fearless.

Tonight I learned something. We store our fear in our pelvic area, hip, hip hooray! Actually I did a gentle hip-opening. And I followed along with pigeons and frogs and whelp! a few painful moments. Or rather a flashback to my childhood “I can do the splits” moments.

(Side note: Do all children do the splits… they must, right? And who teaches us to do the splits in the first place? No real life adult I ever met in childhood could do them…although maybe now with yoga…)

Anyhoo, it has me thinking about love and fear and all that must be stored down there. Which brings me to this video on: Labels.

Maybe a hip opening is really a mind opening?
The hip bone’s connected to the brain bone…

More tomorrow.


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