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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 31 :: magical woods

31 Jan

Day 31. One-Hundred Acre Woods.

It sounds like Winnie-The-Pooh and Robin Hood too. The One-Hundred Acre Woods. I’ve heard about it from a few people now. As in, “You live right next to the one-hundred acre woods!”

So, today, we set out to find them.

Not all 100 of them, of course that will take years I think (maybe… right?), but find a few of them we did! Pup sniffed his way through every piece of acre we covered. Brady helped too. Pointing us in the right direction.


It felt a bit magical in a Sherwood Forest sort of way. We didn’t meet any merry men but did meet several other dogs and their owners, and runners, and bikers. And I met a very sweet woman (named, you guessed it, Robin!) who stopped to talk with Brady.

“Vizsla?” She said.
“Yes!” I answered.

And in some odd way I felt like somehow I knew her, or had met her before. She gave me some local tips and then buried her face next to Brady’s and patted him on the head. Almost like she had met him before too.

Then off into the woods she walked. And I thought…Nice to meet you Robin. Thanks for sharing your woods.

Tonight, as I reflect on our day (and my sore muscles from our hike) I wonder what else there is to explore in our new world (besides yoga = which I already did for the day!).

It’s not Nottingham.. it’s Bellingham.
And I think she still has some magic to show us.

More tomorrow.


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