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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 38 :: winning

7 Feb

Day 38. Mama Sling.

Tonight, the Denver Broncos won Superbowl 50. Mama Sling would have been happy.

Very happy.

So much so, my father and sister both texted me after the game saying just as much. Which I think is so perfect – like Mama Sling was right there watching the game with all of us.

And that feels like winning to me (even if it’s not the team I wanted to go to the big game).

To be honest, I would have my team lose if it meant seeing my mom again, cheering on her team, squealing with those high pitched giggles, scolding John Elway and then cheering him on again, all the while holding her breath for the final game-winning kick.

Of course, tonight’s game wasn’t quite that dramatic. There were more flags than footballs (certainly more penalties than touchdowns). But the image of my mother holding her breath, squealing, cheering and laughing with glee came back to me all the same. Like she was right here. In so many ways she was. Is. Will continue to be.

Because we never really lose what we think we have lost.
And maybe that’s the point of this big old silly game we all play anyway.

P.S. I did my yoga 😉

More tomorrow. 


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