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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 43 :: a love bug story

12 Feb

Day 43. Happy endings.

As in waiting patiently for the end of the story.

The Beetle is back, she’s up and running again and ready for the road. But she taught us many things while she was on vacay (or in the shop as some might say).

For one, she taught us discovery. If we didn’t have her for the last week we wouldn’t have discovered on foot the park right behind us (with tennis courts!) or the path right below us (with a salmon ladder because that’s where the salmon swim when they are on the run, apparently!) or the labyrinth nearby, or how comical it is to walk a labyrinth with two dogs (especially our fast-paced color outside the lines kind of dogs).

We also wouldn’t have discovered the walkway that leads to downtown, a mere ten-minute walk from our front door. With a grocery store and everything else one would need, chic boutiques, restaurants, pubs….expansive water views!

But most of all, the gift was this: patience.

If we had not waited patiently for the parts to arrive we wouldn’t have found all the magical, fun stuff around us (maybe in time, but not on foot). But we also wouldn’t have talked to the man at Autozone who pointed us to the man who is now our new mechanic (who charges way less than the VW dealer and seems to know way more about customer service).

It is, as it seems, exactly as it was meant to be. As if the Beetle is now laughing, rightly sitting back in her parking spot, saying, “See, I told you so.”

There is always a gift in everything. Waiting for it to show up is what they call the journey. Recognizing when it arrives, well, that’s always the hardest part (to order and install).

And it all has me thinking…. sometimes more magic comes from the pause rather than the push. Maybe that’s all this yoga talking. Either way….

Beep. Beep.
The Love Bug is back.

More tomorrow.


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