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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 48 :: oh-ache

18 Feb

Day 48. Youch.

I try not to complain on this blog, but …My hands hurt today. Wondering if it could be all the yoga? It’s probably more from typing. Or possibly the stomach bug I battled on Monday drifted down my arms and landed in my fingers.

No, just kidding. That’s probably not it, either.

Despite the weird hand hurting phenomenon, I still did my yoga today. Even downward dogged it on my sore hands. Woot woot. I want a parade! Or a celebration. I would have a piece of cake but I ate that (all) already.

So I will drink my water instead. Did I mention my head hurts too? Headaches. Hand aches. There must be a yoga routine for this….

And, while it has occurred to me that it could be, it probably is, from all that cake… I’m still glad I ate it.  We only live once!

And now… it’s probably time I cleaned up my diet. 😉

More tomorrow.

{woot woot?}

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