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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 55 :: expanding within

25 Feb

Day 55. Stretch.

Tonight’s yoga was a little post-workout routine – or post-tennis for us. That’s because the sun came out and we are learning that when the sun comes out everyone rushes outside up here in the Great Northwest.

For us, today, that rush was tennis. And then a little yoga.

And I have to say, I think that is what I am learning… a little bit goes a long way. My daily yoga may not be intense but it’s building. It’s happening. I’m showing up.

And my muscles are stronger. Both the ones you can see — and the ones you cannot. Some muscles take resistance workouts to build up mass — others take conditioning: the muscles of hope, grace, joy, courage, forgiveness, love.

Every day adds up.
You are what you eat.
You become what you stretch.
You do what you do.
You are what you think.

More tomorrow.


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