JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 60 :: falling in love 

1 Mar

Day 60. Back in the saddle.

There’s something I am learning about this yoga promise… connection. It’s Day 60 and I’m starting to feel the connection.

To my mat.

It’s a power of connection to that very simple thing, a piece of rolled up plastic that sometimes smells like tires and sometimes smells like sweat. But I am learning to love that smell.

In the same way I loved the smell of a wooden floor and everything that came with it. Like the echo the bounce of a basketball made across the walls of an expansive gym, reserved for the first person to show up to practice.

Or the feel of athletic tape crisscrossing around my ankles. Sure it was nasty at the end of practice, needing to be cut out with a pair of special scissors stuck down into the pools of sweaty tape…But it was an extra layer of support to do what I loved to do…dribble, aim, shoot.

And, now it seems, so goes my mat.

It is becoming an extension of my body. It is actually turning into an object of affection and reflection. A small slice of a safe haven standing at attention in the corner of my office, ready to be unrolled whenever my body (or heart, or mind, or soul) needs it.

It is starting to call my name.

And I know this feeling. I recognize this road. I have walked down it before. This is the first step of falling in love. I did it with a basketball once. It became a part of my heart. And now, it seems, I am falling again. This time for a mat.

I think I am finally glimpsing a piece of this yogi “thing” — it’s not about form, function, execution, perspiration, which way this hand goes and that foot folds.

I am starting to think it might just be about love.

More tomorrow.

P.S.. Yoga done!


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