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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 84 :: balance

25 Mar

Day 83: A little bit.

Doing yoga every day has me thinking about one very critical, necessary, of high import, often overlooked but very, very, very real thing: balance.

I don’t think about balance while I sit at my desk all day.
I don’t think about balance when I play with the dogs.
Or run after a tennis ball.
Or eat.

But when I follow a yoga instructor standing on one leg, wth the other leg straight out behind her in the air and hands out in front of her head (“Look Ma, no hands!”) I realize just how out of balance I am. And that’s about the time that I fall. Or stumble.

I think that’s the ironic thing about balance. You don’t realize you’re off kilter and about to tumble until both hands and one foot are off the ground. Then. Whamo. Balance knocks you upside the head.

So far into this year of yoga, I am learning to respect balance. The kind that comes from practicing just a little bit every day and the kind that comes from realizing when you have too many hands and feet off the ground.

And with that, in T minus 20 minutes I will officially be on vacation.
So that I can reclaim just a little bit more balance.

More tomorrow.


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