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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 92 :: stretching

2 Apr

Day 92: stretch

I have internet for a second… so… here’s the report for today.

I woke up to the sunrise over Montana. Then greeted with a show from Mother Nature, all the way from Whitefish, Montana through Glacier National Forrest. It’s breathtaking. I couldn’t stop taking photos.

Then, as soon as we winded down the mountain grade the badlands began to appear. We’ve been in this great expanse ever since. Watching oil fields and dried up shanty towns pass us by. Then there were the cows and the hay. It is the great swath of the American Midwest. It reminds me of Texas in many ways, but there are no hills here.

My hair is a little greasy but I don’t think I smell…yet. I keep making trips to the bathroom to wash my face and run sweet smelling lotion into my skin. Next time I would do a sleeping car with shower but for now I’m still happy and enjoying the scenery. No one is sitting next to me so no harm no foul.

I’m sort of learning to love my little cubbyhole of a seat, like I’ve finally figured out where all my stuff goes when I need it. Water bottle. Computer. Blanket. Pillow.

I’ve also figured out where to do yoga. In the ladies “lounge” an extra large bathroom with a double sink and sitting area. The perfect place to escape for a little stretching and Namaste.

Hey, Amtrak – here’s an idea. Add another car to the train for yoga classes. Everyone needs to stretch on these long trips and everyone is already in yoga pants and sweats (and you could charge for classes – new revenue stream….).

More tomorrow.


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