JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 93 :: a trip in time 

3 Apr

Day 93: time warp

I have arrived in Chicago. And the Empire Builder was all it promised to be… scenic, insightful, beautiful, three-days long.

I met some really nice Americans, from all sorts of lives, with all types of stories and different destinations. But we all seemed to have one thing in common — taking photos all along the way.

From a Bellingham departure:

to the shores of Seattle…

To the Emerald Green Rivers of Montana

To Summits and Ski Towns and Sunrises:

To Glacier National Forest:

To moments like this:

To the wide open North Dakota fields:

To waking up in a Twin Cities Sunrise:

To crossing the Mississippi River:

To waving at Milwaukee:

To finally winding our way into the Windy City:

To remembering that sometimes you just have to see with your own eyes what a picture just cannot capture:

It’s hard for me to believe that people – real people – laid down the track that can take trains all across this nation (and I only went halfway!).

Sure, I ended up a bit sticky and couldn’t wait to take a shower. And, yes, there was a crying baby who made people slightly miserable for a few moments two nights in a row. And, of course, there were times when I just couldn’t find the right spot to get comfortable.

But I suppose all that comes with the time warp of train travel. It was enough to stretch my mind, to spin it out of my normal everyday life, to see something new, or something newly different. New views lead to new ideas. And that alone is well worth the trip.

And now I must stretch that other promise I made this year — it’s time for me to do some yoga!

More tomorrow.


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