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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 99 unpacking

9 Apr

Day 99: Organized.

I haven’t started yoga yet but I have unpacked my suitcase and train travel items. It took me a while. Like all day.

For one, Pup decided my open suitcase was his new bed. He claimed it as soon as I unzipped it and stayed there for a few hours.

I couldn’t fathom the thought of moving him. He turns fifteen on Friday — fifteen!! And when you are 105-years-old (or 93 according to the AKC calculation chart) well, you get what you want.

Although he doesn’t act like a 15-year-old dog. Pup still barks, jumps, sniffs, and bounds after a ball with the best of them half his age. And we love him for it, every day. Which is why he gets to sit on the furniture, or steal my blanket, or, as it turns out, turn my suitcase into a dog bed.

He has always been a creature of comfort. Stealing seats and cushions and couches. When we weren’t looking. At other people’s houses. While we are sleeping. He’s a Vizsla. He craves comfort.

Don’t we all?

The other reason it took me all day to unpack was this: KonMari Method. I love it! And I will share more tomorrow…

More tomorrow.


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