JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 103 :: straight to the core

13 Apr

Day 103: Hard Core.

I’ve been thinking about the Core lately. Mostly because of a yoga routine we did the other night that was truly painful. Straight to the core. I’m still hurting. Ouch. And it really wasn’t that long of a program…but…

…It has me thinking about how important the core really is.

Core, in this case, yoga, my body, where I hurt, is defined as “The central or most important part of something.”

And it seems, my core has something to say to me. It wants to get stronger (and it wants to whine a little bit too). But mostly it wants to get tighter, stronger, and grow even more important.

And so, to that I say… bring it on.
Yoga’s up next.

More tomorrow.

{hard core?}

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