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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 116 :: i’m going live to be a 103

26 Apr

Day 116: Running for it.

OH. My. I love Ida.

I’ve been thinking about age a lot lately. About how it doesn’t matter. And how it does matter. And then how it doesn’t matter at all. Ping pong back and forth because both statements are true.

And then I saw Ida.
And read the New York Times article:

At 100, Still Running for Her Life

And I love Ida.

She makes me want to run again. She makes me want to live to be a 103 (“I play safe for you and me cause I’m no fool” – anyone remember? anyone?).

Anyhoo… Ida. Thanks for showing us that age doesn’t matter.
And that it does matter too.
Keep running!

More tomorrow.

P.S. Now to yoga!


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