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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 117 :: feeling old

27 Apr

Day 117: Perspective.

Last night I posted about Miss Ida. (100-years old and still running – amazing).
Tonight I’m reminded about Miss Idaho.

Not the one that wore a sash or crown or won a bathing suit beauty contest… oh, no. I’m reminded more of the little Miss Idaho inside of me. The one that was awkwardly tall, taller than everyone else. And the one who was given the “old lady” role in every play she ever tried out for (because of said height and the fact that she really couldn’t sing even though she tried, desperately, in the shower).

I am reminded of that Miss Idaho inside of me, the one that 20 years ago was in the play Grease with Jump Company (because of a facebook post tonight – thank you, Sam!!)

Here’s the cast list of a play from twenty years ago:

These are sweet, sweet memories. Just looking over the names brings back a flood of memories that I forgot were inside of me. Like unlocking a golden treasure, my heart leapt with joy reading each name and saying, yes! yes! yes! like “I remember you!”

And if you guessed that I was the “old lady” you’re right. I was. Of course, I was! Twenty years ago it seemed silly for me to play an old lady. I felt a little bit burnt by it really. It wasn’t fair — “Why do I always have to be the old lady?”  (say that in your most whiny voice three times fast, then roll your eyes and flop down on the couch — yes, you get the picture.)

Now I am edging closer to understanding what at least “mid-life lady” means and it seems impossible that all these years could have flown by.

Twenty Years. Twenty?

I assume for Miss Ida, that’s just a blink of an eye. For me, it’s half my life. And I suppose that’s what getting to be the “old lady” in real life brings… perspective.

I used to feel short-changed for being labeled with the tallest-girl-must-play-old-lady syndrome. Now, I’m starting to see it was and always is a blessing. Old ladies get to do cool shit. Like say what they want, wear what they want, (and run if you want – right Ida?!).

They also get to look back on the years that have collected that magic fairy dust called Perspective and spread it amongst the people they love most.  And, also, spread it across that whiny voice inside that just didn’t know enough to know just how good she had it.

Go. Grease. Lightning. Go.

More tomorrow.

P.S. Now off to yoga…. Day 117….almost getting some perspective!


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