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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 118 :: handstands and yoga questions

28 Apr

Day 118: Head rush.

So if there is something the human body is not meant to do I’m pretty sure it’s a handstand. Downward dog, sure. Plank, yes. Upward dog, yup! But stand on your hands or head… really?

As I push gently into this year of yoga I’m starting to realize that some of the poses feel natural on my body. Downward dog, sure. Plank, yes. Upward dog, yup!

But some do not. Stand on your hands or head… really?
I’m not sure who invented the handstand. Or the headstand. Standing on anything other than my feet seems, well, a bit upside down.

And yet, it is supposed to have benefits for my body that I can’t quite grasp. Except that for me, it makes me feel like my butt weighs 700 pounds heavier as the full weight of all my organs and innards and muscles and such bear down on my fingers. It’s really not human is it? To stand on your hands?

I know people do it. All the time I’m sure. I’m just not sure if it’s something I will be able to do. And, yes, of course, I CAN do a handstand when there is a wall next to me and I’m leaning up against it and someone else is holding my feet (usually Justin – thank you dear). But should I do it? Really? And just because you can, is it really a must? Must I, really?

It’s these questions and more that yoga is asking me this year. (That, and why my butt weighs 700 pounds heavier when it’s in mid-air, but that’s just a gravity-science-mind-warp thing I’m sure.)

But then there is this:  yoga is getting easier. Not all the moves, but some. And my body is craving the stretch yoga provides. It happens at odd moments. In the middle of the day. While sitting in my car. During dinner.

I literally catch myself doing the thing that drove me nuts about the little girls in grade school who took dance lessons. Bending and stretching out their legs and practicing a dance move in the middle of class. For me, it’s doing a yoga stretch in the middle of something else.

OMG – I’m becoming one. of. those. people.

But I suppose that’s something that happens on the journey of becoming a Yogi.
Finding the poses you enjoy. The ones you don’t. The ones that are good for you. And the ones that are not.

And maybe the wisdom comes with knowing the difference.
We’ll find out. The journey continues…

More tomorrow.


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