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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 128 :: mother nature’s mother day 

8 May

Day 128: Low tide.

Today was one of the many extreme low tides ushering in spring and summer here on the west coast. It was also Mother’s Day.

Which couldn’t be more fitting as Mother Nature rolled back the ocean curtain and exposed some of her most beautiful scenes during a bright and sunny low tide. Most not seen on a normal day at high noon.

Bright purple clam shells.

Uncovered mossy rocks.

Sunbathing starfish.

So many colors — and so meaningful to me that there was much in the color purple. Of course, it is not ironic that purple was my Mama Sling’s favorite color. And, of course, I thought of her deeply today.

But I have to say, it was all lovely. This was a Mother’s Day of nothing but pure love and lightness. A milestone for me, really. There was no sting, no longing, no hole to be filled, no rawness to slather. Nothing but pure love.

It says much about my own journey, the one of a daughter who lost her mother too soon. But I think it says more about my healing, a practice I have been honing for years. More than anything, it says everything about my mother, the one who filled me with nothing but love, as if she knew that someday, no matter what, even when she was gone, I would somehow (finally) understand. When all the pain was gone only love would remain.

And it does remain. Which is a good reminder to me and I think to everyone, really.

We are the love that we leave behind. Whether it is with our friends, family, foes or forgottens. Every interaction counts. Every moment matters. Every choice is ours to choose love.

To love.

And so, it is not ironic to me that today was an extreme low tide. That has been my experience for so many Mother’s Days of the past. The extreme longing leaving me so low. But what I understood today, in a way I have never really understood before, is if you look closely, even in a low tide there is beauty and bounty. There are flowers and fish and shells and birds and waves of kelp.

And life.
So, Mother Nature, thank you. It was a beautiful showing for a beautiful day.
Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who mothers during low and high tides.

More tomorrow.

P.S. Yoooooooooga next!!

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