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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 134 :: happy being

15 May

Day 134: Happy.

How lovely to spend the day with family. Celebrating on the bay. Honoring Pup and Brady’s Big Papi with some Red Sox love. Tickets that is. For August. In Seattle. All for David Ortiz and our love of Boston.

And Justin, of course. The Birthday Boy.

It’s just one of the many things I love most about this guy. He is royally loyal. He loves what he loves, deeply and more enthusiastically than anyone else in the world. The Patriots. The Red Sox. Pearl Jam. His Family. Pup. Brady. And me. Probably not in that order.

But regardless of who comes first on that short list of deep affection, I feel so blessed to be on that list. It’s a gift to be loved so unconditionally and fully by another human being. Quite possibly the best gift of all.

I hope, dear Justin, you feel that gift coming back your way from everyone on the list. I can speak for most people anyway, when I say, we love you. As far as Eddie Vedder and Tom Brady go, well… you might have to ask them directly. And Big Papi, you’ll see him in August.

Birthdays are beautiful things, really. How wonderful to have a day to celebrate being here. Just being. Ah… and that’s the yoga talking.

Happy being day.

More tomorrow.


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