JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 137 :: dogged determination

18 May

Day 137: Brady.

I live with a food stalker. His name is Brady. He knows where all the food in the house is at all times. I mean ALL the food at ALL times.

Here is sleeps so cute and cuddly next to Pup. But really, this is all a facade. He is calculating his next sneaky food-swiping move.

Which he promptly orchestrated moments after I took this photo. It was just a bowl of oatmeal. But he devoured it in the 30 seconds I walked away from the kitchen. DEVOURED it. An entire bowl of oatmeal. Dry, bland oats. 

Thanks to Brady, there will be no second batch of oatmeal chocolate power bars. There aren’t enough oats left to mix a bar together for breakfast.

But I think there is much we can learn from our little Brady. Sure, the obvious is to not leave food out on the counter (even said oats). But there is more to observe.

This dog.
He has me thinking a lot about dogged determination. In the pursuit of what we love most. For him it is food. Any food. Even dry, bland, oats.

For you it might be dancing, singing, creating, doing. For me, it is making promises and showing up. And this year, that means yoga.

But there is also this: opportunity. 
Brady knows how to patiently wait for his window of opportunity to open. And when it appears he leaps. There is no second guessing. No hesitation. No over-thinking. There is no self-talk. Brady does not stop to ask, “Should I go for that bowl of oats now? What if she comes back and finds me all head in the bowl paws on the counter? What if I get in trouble?”

Nope. Brady is all action.
He’s a Wait. Watch. Strike. Live with the consequences sort of dog.
And as frustrating as that is at times, I have to say, I respect it.
No, I actually love it. It’s inspiring really.

So, tonight, as I put away the rest of my oatmeal chocolate bar ingredients, I leave you with this. The next time you find yourself waiting and watching, just think of Brady.

Go for it.  

More tomorrow.

{going for it?}

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