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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 140 :: concert hangover

21 May

Day 140: The Day After.

Slow. Yoga. Today.
And that’s okay. I have concert hangover. Not from alcohol, more from the energetic buzz of being at the show. Seeing the Piano Man in action.

Billy Joel was quite inspiring. 67. Still rocking it. Moving stadium crowds to applaud, dance, scream, shout. Proving that it’s still rock and roll to him, and many, many more.

And it has me thinking about Gifts. With a capital G.

Justin gave his mom the Gift of her first rock and roll concert. And I received the Gift of being there to witness it, to play and to sing along.

(At one point in time Jaynane asked if that “skunky” smell was what she thought it was and I nodded my head yes, it was indeed marijuana).

But then there was the beautiful sky blue Seattle skyline. The Safe with the top popped because there was no rain in sight. The bright pink sunset. And the man, the myth, the legend, Billy Joel doing what he does best. Sharing his musical Gift.

I suppose Gifts are meant to be shared. Keeping Gifts to ourselves doesn’t allow them to be set free. If they are kept safe and hidden then they can’t reach out and touch the hearts of others. Which really is the point, isn’t it? Why we are here I think. To share.

And to forget about Life for a while. 

That is a true Gift.
Thanks Piano Man.

More tomorrow.


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