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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 144 :: hot yoga

27 May

Day 144: Class.

Hot yoga today. Which is a progress on my part. It feels good to be able to get back into it. And as I downward dogged and crowed and fell over a few times I realized the room was full of women half my age. College students, all of them.

Ooph. It was more than apparent in the studio mirrors reflecting back at me. I was the old lady in the room.

How did that happen? Well for one, it was free yoga class Friday. So the room was packed with college students. But for another… well, I am twice their age.

While there was a piece of me that felt my being-ness being old there was also a part of me that I felt so much joy for those younger versions of myself.

What a gift to have yoga for an entire lifetime. Who knows if they will stick with it, but if they do, I hope they find themselves the oldest lady in the room.

Well, actually, I hope by then, I can still downward dog too… at 80. Why not?

More tomorrow.


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