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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 151 :: girls on the run

4 Jun

Day 151: And they were running.

I have heard about Girls on the Run. You know, the good kind of running. (Not the Thelma and Louise kind. There was no running off the side of a cliff in a car.)  It was more like a whole bunch of girls running a 5k for the first time).

And I was there. In my Birkenstocks. I showed up to take photos at the finish line, but I was moved by the moment to join along. In my Birkenstocks. So I didn’t run, but I did walk and watch as the little ones ran ahead.

First they stretched, after having their hair painted pink or blue. (I did too.)

Then they lined up at the starting line, tutus and all.

And brothers and dads came along too. In capes, of course.

And it all had me thinking about the motion of running.
What we run towards.
What we run from.
What we run for.
Who we run for.

And I can’t think of a better cause than running for the future of girls everywhere.
They are the ones who will eventually run everything.

And now, it’s about time I do some yoga.

More tomorrow.


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