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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 161 :: feel my pulse

15 Jun

Day 161: Being human.

Tonight I am honoring tears.
One of the most magical human qualities that we possess.

It’s been a while since I have had tears falling down my cheeks as I write on this blog. But tonight I feel and taste these salty tears because of this song.

One thing that yoga has taught me so far this year is to listen to my body. To know when to take it slow, sit with stillness, and stretch with confidence. It is also teaching me when to move with strength and when to call upon the warrior inside.

In other words….
To feel my pulse and heart beating inside of me.

And my heart is telling me this: we need a solution.
How many more songs, letters, sit-ins, filibusters, deaths, tears will it take to call upon action to create a safe movie theater, dance club, school, public space?

I have no answers. But I do know this.
Transformation starts from the inside and radiates out.
It’s an inside job. For each of us.
So I continue to write my thank you letters. Tonight with tears.

And it has me wondering what it would take to LISTEN more. To each other. To our hearts and not our agendas.

So that we can all be here together.
To love more.
To live more.

More human.
More being.

More tomorrow.


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